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Intercessory prayer team

What is intercessory prayer and healing at Christ Church?  This ministry is composed entirely of lay people who offer individual prayer to anyone during a service.  This team is trained in a "laying on of hands" form of intercessory prayer.  Our prayer team is positioned in the Moses Chapel during and after Eucharist for those who seek a more individualized form of prayer.

What is intercessory prayer?
It's not prayer that one gives for oneself for personal needs.  It's not even simply praying for someone else's needs.  It's one person praying for another with the belief that God will intercede with Power and Love to give us the wholeness we desire.  It's praying with the knowledge that God answers all prayers but sometimes in a fashion that we don't expect or even like.  It's trusting in God's power, presence and love for us.  We don't know why an omniscient God asks us to pray.  God doesn't need our prayers but we need them.  Perhaps, by the act of prayer we are acknowledging that God has ultimate control over our lives.  When we pray we tell God, and ourselves, that we know that we belong to God, that God loves us and desires our wholeness and wellbeing.

What's my part in the process?
All you have to do is tell the prayer giver what you want to pray for.  The prayer giver does the rest.  It can be for yourself or for others- anything you wish to lift up to God.  All prayer requests remain strictly confidential!  The prayer team will never discuss anything mentioned in prayer to anyone else, not even to other members of the prayer team or clergy.

What's worthy to lift up to God?
There is nothing too trivial to pray for!  God is present in all aspects of our lives, and God's providence is required even in the smallest details of our lives.  We all have need for prayer and to "put on the whole armor of God" for our joys and concerns.  Either come up just after you have received Eucharist or come by after the service is over.  The prayer team stays at their station until most people have left.  If you prefer, feel free to ask a prayer giver to meet with you at another time outside of a service.

Look for us in the Moses Chapel during and after Eucharist.  If you are interested in learning more about this ministry, please contact Michael Marcinelli.

Last Published: June 28, 2021 4:15 PM