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Dear friends,
Over the years, this Christ Church Andover ministry has supplied hundreds of goats to needy families, supplied roofing material for 14 new houses and most recently funded an entire house for homeless genocide victims.

This year we are trying to fund our second house for a homeless man named Eric Niyonsenga and his family in the town of Nyamata.

Our in-country partner, REACH Rwanda, receives our donations in support of their reconciliation program to bring Huts and Tutsis together.  Reach would like us to fund the building of another new house in the village of Nyamata for a genocide victim named Eric Niyonsenga.

A house built by REACH only costs $6,000 to build since much of the labor is donated by repentant Hutu prisoners looking for a way to atone and much of the materials are either harvested from the site (rocks to build the foundation) or created on site (mud bricks).  Your donation will help bring shelter and independence to many in need.  Another benefit of this house building program is that grateful Tutsi recipients of homes often take in refugees as a gesture of gratitude.

Please consider a donation toward a new house that can transform the lives of many of a displaced family in Rwanda.

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100% of the funds go directly to REACH Rwanda in Africa to purchase roofing material. No administration fees are taken.

What is Homes for Rwanda?

roofs for rwanda_housebuild_bottomHomes for Rwanda is an outreach effort of Christ Church Andover in association with REACH Rwanda in Africa.  REACH Rwanda's mission is to bring together Hutu and Tutsi people in an effort to foster peace and reconciliation in this torn nation.  An important part of this mission is helping Rwandans in need achieve a basic level of food, shelter, clothing and economic security.

One of Reach Rwanda's many programs gives those perpetrators of the genocide who are eager to reconcile a way to atone by supplying the labor to build houses for displaced victims who no longer have a home.  Reach supplies the money for building materials, Rwandans supply the labor. A very efficient way to provide new housing while also promoting healing.  A great concept.

How can you help? Donate online!  A donation of just $20 will help get us closer to our $6,000 goal of funding a new home for a genocide victim.  Please be generous!

100% of the funds Christ Church receive goes directly to REACH Rwanda in Africa to purchase corrugated metal roofing sheets. No administration fees are taken.


View this "thank you" video from the recipients of a previous Goats for Rwanda campaign: