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Dear friends and Rwanda supporters,
Right here in our own community each one of us is affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in ways large and small. While we struggle with our own challenges it might not be easy to focus on how this pandemic is affecting people half way around the world.

We recently heard from our long time partner and friend, Rev. Philbert Kalisa, founder of the peace and reconciliation organization, Reach Rwanda, who has lifted up tens of thousands of Rwandans over the past 18 years.  Rev. Kalisa is making an urgent appeal to his partners around the world to make us aware of the critical condition in Rwanda. He is seeking funds to help feed thousands of Rwandans in the Kigali area where Reach is located.

In Rwanda, the direct threat of the pandemic is the least of their problems. The government is doing a good job of mandating "shelter in place" early which, so far, has kept their infection numbers down (as of April 27 they have 207 cases with no deaths).

As we are experiencing here in our country, the economy in Rwanda has basically shut down. Since many Rwandans have no savings and live on subsistance income from day labor work, this leaves thousands of Rwandans in a life threatening food shortage. Not only has income evaporated but food prices have skyrocketed. The government is trying its best to provide support but the need is far greater than the government's capacity to support its people. Philbert tells us how heartbroken he is to see hungry families with crying babies at his doorstep every day asking for food.

For a sense of the urgency in Rwanda, in Kigali alone, it is estimated that there are now 700,000 families with no food at all.

This is where Reach Rwanda, along with many churches and civic organizations, is trying to step in and help fill the gap. Reach Rwanda has set up a program to organize the inflow of funds, purchase of food and supplies, and the distribution of the food and supplies in coordination with local community leaders. Reach's goal is to feed 500 families for a period of 3 months.  Philbert's newsletter (available by clicking here) outlines his program and budget to achieve this goal. With $170 they can feed a family of six for one month and provide soap and sanitation supplies for less than $6 per day.

What Philbert needs from his partners is the funds to buy food and supplies. As of April 27th, through Philbert's appeals he has collected enough funds to feed 200 families (780 individuals) for 2 weeks.  He is still a long way from his goal. Below are some pictures of Reach Rwanda's CUP (Center for Unity and Peace) organizing and distributing food and supplies.

As a long-time partner with Reach Rwanda, this is where we come in. Christ Church has secured enough funds to supply matching funds up to $3,000.  For every dollar donated, Christ Church will match that dollar up to $3,000.  Our goal is to send at least $6,000 to Reach Rwanda to help them achieve their goal.

There is no doubt that we are severly affected here in our own communities.  Some of you are understandibly unable to make a donation but if you are able, please consider a donation to help Reach Rwanda feed and support thousands of their brothers and sisters.

As Philbert eloquently said in his newsletter:

"Now is the time not for fear but for courage, not for despair but for hope, time to stand together like one beloved family, time to stay connected and share our resources with joy"

* For a more detailed description of the conditions in Rwanda please read Rev. Kalisa's appeal by clicking this link.

For additional information about this appeal contact Michael Marcinelli (j1@marcinelli.com).

Thank you for your consideration and generosity!

UPDATE: 5/13/20

Due to your generosity Christ Church sent $6,000 to Reach Rwanda on 5/12/20.  Rev. Philbert and the Reach Rwanda team were touched and extremely grateful for the generosity of the parish and friends of parishioners when we, too, are struggling through this pandemic.  Our support, along with support from other partners around the world, allowed Reach Rwanda to meet their goal of feeding 780 people in the Kigali aera.

Click here to read a thank you letter from Philbert.

Many thanks for your love of neighbor in need and for your willingness to give! 


Please consider a donation to provide food relief for Rwandans during this pandemic.

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100% of the funds go directly to REACH Rwanda in Africa to purchase food and basic hygene items. No administration fees are taken.

Images of Reach Rwanda Hunger Relief Activity

A view of some of the relief work Reach Rwanda is doing at it's Center for Unity and Peace (CUP) in Kigali.

CUP employees getting ready to deliver food and supplies:


CUP workers filling bags:

rwanda hunger relief_CUP workers filling bags


















Sacks of food ready for distribution:

rwanda hunger relief_bags of flour


CUP workers organizing supplies:

rwanda hunger relief_CUP workers