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Dear friends and Rwanda supporters,

Our friend and long time partner, Reach Rwanda, conducts many programs to develop peace and reconciliation in the aftermath of the 1994 Rwandan genocide.  Much of Reach's work is providing for its members' economic wellbeing with various programs for its members to earn income and have a degree of independence.

One of Reach Rwanda's many amazing programs is to create "Unity Groups." These are women owned businesses that give women a chance to feed their families and educate their children.  Reach has set up more than 125 of these businesses, mainly in the eastern part of Rwanda where Reach has many members whom they support.

When members of our parish went to Rwanda in 2012 we visited one of these businesses. This particular woman ran a small business that made fragrent soap that was beautifully wrapped in colorful cloth with a typical Rwandan pattern.  Some of us still have some to this day!

These businesses create and sell goods such as charcoal, tomatoes, onions, sugar, salt, soaps and much more. They are very successful since they not only provide income for families but a strong sense of empowerment and independence for women.

Due to the pandemic, many of these businesses have been hit hard.  These women not only have had difficulty selling their goods, but they have often needed to consume their own product just to supply the needs of their own families.

In Rwanda, the pandemic is losing its foothold and life is beginning to turn around.  Reach Rwanda now needs funds to allow these women to rebuild their businesses.

Reach gives $300 to each business owner to jump start their business. Our goal is to raise $6,000 to support 20 of these businesses.

Please consider a donation toward supporting one of these businesses to help these women once again regain their livelihood and independence.

Thank you for your consideration and generosity!

Michael Marcinelli
Senior Warden, Christ Church Andover


Please consider a donation to provide funds for women owned businesses in Rwanda.

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100% of the funds go directly to REACH Rwanda in Africa to support women owned businesses. No administration fees are taken.





Images of Rwanda "Unity Group" Women Owned Businesses

Many business grow and sell food:

women owned business_1

women owned business_2












women owned business_5


Some business create homeware crafts:

women owned business_4














women owned business_6