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Reflection for Together Now Campaign
A reflection given by parishioner Dr. Don DeLollis on May 12, 2013

Good Morning and Happy Mother’s Day!

I am Don DeLollis, the Co-chair for Christ Church of the In-Pew part of the Together Now Campaign.

Together Now is a comprehensive $20 million dollar campaign which includes every parish in the diocese.  This is a terrific opportunity to strengthen our larger faith community and engage with our diocese and some of our fellow parishes.

By now, everyone should have received a letter from Gale and a brochure introducing the campaign and its objectives.

As Episcopalians, we are not only involved in our parish but in a wider church community, our diocese and the worldwide Anglican Communion.  Instead of just running through the various parts of the campaign and how much will go into the various elements, I will talk about my faith journey here at Christ Church and how my involvement in the wider church has affected me and I hope benefited my Christ Church Family.

I have been a member of this parish for over 30 years.  For the first 20 years, my involvement was mostly as a choir member.  Then about 10 years ago our former rector Jeff came to me after church one fateful Sunday and said that he had just been to a meeting at the diocese to plan the YLA pilgrimage to Honduras with Bishop Tom and that it was going to be a big group with 22 kids and 8 adults.  They thought it would be a good idea to have a physician on the trip and asked if I would be interested in going.  I remember my eyes bugging and thinking wow - that sounds like fun!

I had never done anything like that before, but I obviously like kids and thought it would be great to spend a week with Tom, so I said I would check with Rita and let him know.  Well, Rita said yes and the rest is history!

That trip to Honduras was for me, a profound, life-changing experience.  I had worked with children my entire professional career but those YLA teens were special.  They were eager to live what they had been taught as Christian youth, they respected each other, they wanted to help each other, they sweat 8 hours a day in the blazing sun digging dirt, mixing cement, laying cinder blocks, bending re-Bar to build a church for people they didn’t even know.  They lived in very primitive conditions and never complained.  They would sing songs, play games, and occasionally cause mischief, some of which was instigated by Bishop Tom!  At the end of the day, they were always eager to praise God, give thanks, and reflect on what they had done and how it affected them.

I came home from that trip a changed man and was beginning to appreciate the benefits of being involved in the wider church.  Since then, I have gone on eight more YLA mission trips to El Salvador as a mentor and will go again this summer. 

I also became involved with the Barbara Harris Camp and Conference Center after being told by Ben Novello that I was going to be the physician for the upcoming Junior High Retreat because he had already told them that I would go.  That was eight years ago, and I have been to every Jr. High and High school retreat since!

I have been able to witness what the Camp does and how it affects the lives of the youth who serve both as campers and as staff.  I have watched a generation of kids grow in their faith and bring their experiences at Barbara Harris back to their communities.  I have read college application essays relating how the camp has changed their lives. 

And now I am happy to be serving on the board of directors of the Barbara Harris Camp to insure a successful future for BCH and to help us become the premier Episcopal Camp and Conference Center in the entire Northeast.

These experiences have strengthened my faith and my commitment to Christian Youth not only in the diocese but here at Christ Church.  For six years, I taught the J2A groups and have mentored them on four pilgrimages to Iceland, Iona Scotland, Belize, and last summer to Juneau Alaska.  Again, I think these pilgrimages have had a significant effect on the lives of our youth at Christ Church.

I thought I was being a little selfish going on all these globe-trotting trips alone so last year I went with Rita and Andrew on a mission trip to Rwanda with Jeff, fellow Christ Church parishioners, and parishioners from Epiphany in Winchester.  Most recently Rita and I went on a pilgrimage with Bishop Gayle to Israel and Palestine.

Together Now supports many critical programs in our diocese, and it is one way for us to join as a community and respond to the grace with which God has blessed us.  It is our hope that the Together Now campaign will strengthen the already healthy and generous relationship we have with our diocese.  I have already made a significant 5-year pledge to the campaign and I am asking you to prayerfully consider making your own.  Thank you.

Last Published: June 19, 2013 6:53 PM