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David Stroh

My name is David Stroh.  My wife, Jane von Maltzahn, and I love Christ Church, the Andovers, the wonderful world of Boston, and New England.  I am very honored to be considered for the position of Treasurer for this great Christian community.  

My career has had a consistent inner theme and purpose, a calling perhaps, that has been with me throughout my being a university chaplain, an urban planner, and a lawyer.  As young student at Yale Divinity School I worked in public housing projects in Waterbury, Connecticut, with storefront churches in a depressed part of New Haven, and with college students tutoring children in Newark, New Jersey while I was on an intern year in campus ministry at Drew University.  Urban problems, housing, and development matters have provided the thread that connects the chapters of my career. That involvement led me to study for and get advanced degrees in both urban planning and law. 

For over 25 years most recently, until my retirement, I practiced law, after graduating from Georgetown University Law School.  About half of that time was spent in large national law firms based in Washington D.C. and half as one of the attorneys for the government of Fairfax County, Virginia, a county with over 1 million people in the Washington D.C. area.  Predominantly, I handled business transactions focused on the financing and development of affordable housing, commercial real estate, and a variety of land use matters.  For many years, I was a county attorney for the Redevelopment and Housing Authority of Fairfax County.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, I was a professional urban planner for some 10 years, after earning a Master of City Planning degree from the University of Pennsylvania.  First, I worked with a consultant firm for a time and then for Fairfax County, leading the long range comprehensive planning division and later the environment and policy division of the county’s Office of Comprehensive Planning.

Prior to becoming a city planner, I served as Associate University Chaplain at Vanderbilt University, having been ordained in the United Church of Christ.  At Vanderbilt, just as I had been as a student at Yale Divinity School, I was heavily involved with urban issues. 

I was born in Boulder, Colorado and grew up in the Chicago area.  Jane and I moved here from the Washington D.C. area nearly two years ago to enjoy our retirement in New England.  We both had lived in New England as young adults and liked the idea of coming back for new adventures and to rediscover old family roots.  It’s a big bonus that Jane’s son Geoffrey works in Cambridge in nanotechnology and he, his wife and our new granddaughter live in Somerville.  For fun, some of our favorite things are back road explorations, kayaking, concerts, museums, and our oft visited haunts in Devon, England.

Christ Church was the first church we visited in Andover.  By the time the glorious prelude was over, we thought we knew.  With the postlude still ringing in our ears, with the sermon and choir fresh in our minds, we were warmly welcomed in the coffee hour.  Then we knew for sure that we had found our new church home.

We feel privileged to be able to serve with you and be enriched by your friendship.  There is much to do in our community and world.  I believe that we can grow as a church as we extend ourselves to help meet the needs of others.

Last Published: February 14, 2017 5:19 PM