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Dear friends,
Over the years, this Christ Church Andover ministry has supplied hundreds of goats to needy families, roofing material for 14 new houses and, most recently, we funded the entire cost of building 2 houses for homeless genocide victims.

This year REACH Rwanda needs water tanks to help elderly and vulnerable women in the town of Kirehe. Many women in this part of Rwana have to walk miles for access to clean water.  These tanks will collect water off their roof improving hygiene and clean drinking water.

Each tank costs $1,300 storing over 1000 gallons of water and will be resourced locally so the purchasing of materials will also help the local economy. The women who will receive the materials to build these tanks will learn new skills and develop empowerment, job creation, as well as building trust and friendship.  Our goal this year is to raise enough funds to purchase 5 tanks.

Our in-country partner, REACH Rwanda, receives our donations in support of their efforts to bring people of the Hutu and Tutsi tribes together in the aftermath of the 1994 genocide.  These water tanks are just one small part of this important effort to move Rwanda closer toward peace and reconciliation.

Please consider a donation toward a water tank that will provide the gift of accessible water to a family in Rwanda.

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100% of the funds go directly to REACH Rwanda in Africa to purchase water tank supplies locally. No administration fees are taken.

What is Water for Rwanda?

water for rwanda_web pict_largeWater for Rwanda is an outreach effort of Christ Church Andover in association with REACH Rwanda in Africa.  REACH Rwanda's mission is to bring together Hutu and Tutsi people in an effort to foster peace and reconciliation in this torn nation.  An important part of this mission is providing for Rwandans in need of basic level of water, food, shelter, clothing and economic security.

How can you help? Donate online!  A donation of just $25 will help get us closer to our $1,300 goal of funding a new water tank for a genocide victim.  Please be generous!

100% of the funds Christ Church receive goes directly to REACH Rwanda in Africa to locally purchase materials for water tanks. No administration fees are taken.


View this "thank you" video from the recipients of a previous Goats for Rwanda campaign: